Laurie Kjelstrom, M.A. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“Living the life you want and having the relationships you desire comes with finding your personal direction towards happiness.  Together we will develop and grow your intellectual and emotional strength to meet these goals.”

Connecting with someone who cares and understands you is important to building a trusting counseling relationship.  By using compassion and empathy, I encourage people to reach their full potential.

I am passionate about helping families understand and support one another.  My goal is to work with families to identify change and enhance their relationships.

My goal is to support and enhance communication and promote healthy living inside your relationship.  Together, we can create positive change to allow your relationship to thrive.

  • To Have and To Hold

    I recently attended the wedding of a great friend.  This beautiful event was supported by a spectacular venue, decorations, and charming dresses.  And most importantly, loving people.  As the event began, the pastor took her spot under an elegant wood arch aligned with flowers.  She opened with a […]

  • You are Stronger than You Think

    Sometimes we question a part of our life. We wonder.  It may be a relationship, a job, or a habit. We might be in a relationship with a partner who has actions we don’t agree with.  We try to find a reason our partner would have such rude behavior.  We excuse the inexcusable because we […]